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The online betting market in India can be a little complicated for new bettors who are trying to figure out whether sports betting in India is legal. This is because different states have different policies and there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the best online betting sites in India.

Our team at BettingGuru have done the research and made it simple for our readers to find the best online betting websites in India. Keep reading to learn more about betting legislation in India, which are the top betting websites for Indian players and how you can improve your odds of winning.

Finding the sporting activities wagering web sites along with the very best odds is crucial if you desire to succeed when sports wagering online. Sportsbook wagering product lines and chances impact your odds of succeeding amount of money and just how much you can succeed.

That's why our company have actually prepared a list of top on the web sportsbooks that use the most ideal odds for sporting activities wagering and exceptional wagering lines.

Our experts have selected the on the internet wagering internet sites along with the greatest probabilities after looking at numerous different sportsbook lines. Our suggestions may all be counted on with the help of their superb credibility and sturdy surveillance actions.

If you prefer gambling on the go, we likewise have tips for betting applications along with high chances and good product lines. Other areas on this web page cover practical tips for just how to receive the finest betting possibilities and product lines, increase your yields by means of bonus offers and also promos, as well as discover the attribute of betting possibilities as well as product lines overall.

You should never sign up for an account with an online sports betting operator before checking its rating at SBR. Thousands of sports bettors have been lured in by disreputable betting sites over the years, and it has cost them dearly. We aim to prevent you from falling into the same trap.

Sports betting websites rated F should be avoided at all costs. They have been placed on our blacklist for failing to pay customers the money they are entitled to. If you sign up for an account with these sites, you are taking a huge risk. You could find that payments are delayed or withheld for spurious reasons, or that your funds are inexplicably seized. You really should stick to the best sports betting sites – those with at least a B+ rating in this guide. They excel in various criteria, such as prompt payments, attractive bonuses, high-quality odds, helpful customer service, and a strong user experience. Our methodology is detailed further down this guide to the best online sports betting websites.

However, in some instances, you may decide you want to sign up for a site that has a B, B- or even a C+ rating. It may be currently offering a really appealing bonus, or it may cover a niche sport that is not featured at the A+ and A-rated sites. If that is the case, you can read our in-depth reviews to find out more about the pros and cons of each site. If you read a review for one of the best online betting sites, you will receive a detailed explanation as to why it is so highly rated. If you read a review of a sportsbook with a B or a C rating, you will notice that it has some strong points, but also some drawbacks. You can essentially arm yourself with all the necessary information and then make an educated decision about whether you want to sign up for an account with that particular operator.

We would always recommend you stick to the top sports betting sites as they have a long history of treating customers fairly, offering great value, and paying out on time, but this is a fast-moving industry, and some betting sites improve over the years.

For that reason, we regularly review and update this page to ensure you benefit from up-to-the-minute information on all listed betting sites.

Find the right sportsbook for you

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Do you belong to that category of bettors able to get big rewards each time? In this case, Betfair might be the company right for your comfort! This is a top-rated bookmaker famous with betting exchanges and traditional bets on sports. Now you could think: “What is that betting exchange?�? Simply put, it means you place a bet against other bettors, not the company itself. Betfair is only a regulator in this case. The firm obtains a legal license in the most part of European states. The usual betting opportunity is also available with Betfair. A set of features looks like the following:

LeoVegas originally was the online casino site that was founded in the year 2012, and then they expanded the activity to sports bets. The company possesses the licenses by MGA and UKGC, and they proved their trust and safety in action. Everyone searching for a bookmaker with both mobile betting opportunities and casino gambling possibilities, LeoVegas is just what you need. Among Indians, LeoVegas is famous as the very best online casino first of all. The webpage is smooth, smartphone optimized and usable, making the company one of the top-rated mo

Bet with StarPick

We also pride ourselves on offering the best betting odds and recommendations. Our StarPick team is always on the lookout for the latest competitive odds, the biggest bonuses and the best way to get betting on any particular sport. As such, we offer a reliable source of information, perfect for both new and experienced bettors to utilise successfully when sports betting.

We also have a ton of reviews so you can see which are the best sites to join. At StarPick, we look at the features offered by the bookmaker, what types of sports are available, the bonus offers, language availability and so on. Read our reviews and discover all you need to know.

Fantasy Sports Platform India

While there are a growing number of fantasy sports platform options available, playing at sportsbooks in India gives a whole extra level to the fun. Our StarPick team say sportsbooks give you the chance to see the games unfold. While fantasy games can be fun to play to see how good you are tactically, actually betting on the outcome of a real game can be even more so.

LeoVegas originally was the online casino site that was founded in the year 2012, and then they expanded the activity to sports bets. The company possesses the licenses by MGA and UKGC, and they proved their trust and safety in action. Everyone searching for a bookmaker with both mobile betting opportunities and casino gambling possibilities, LeoVegas is just what you need. Among Indians, LeoVegas is famous as the very best online casino first of all. The webpage is smooth, smartphone optimized and usable, making the company one of the top-rated mo

Our Standards

Modern life is busy enough without having to trawl through hundreds of betting sites to find the perfect one, so we have done your homework for you, allowing you to focus on the important business of picking winners and having fun. We maintain really high standards when it comes to monitoring the various online sports betting sites battling for your business, allowing you to rapidly separate the great online betting websites from the time wasters, the scam artists and the shady online betting sites. We have conducted an in-depth review of more than 1,000 online betting sites and we have placed bets at them all. Only an elite minority have been deemed worthy of a place in SBR‘s list of the top sports betting sites. There are many issues that cause a website to fail to make the cut:

  • A poor history of paying customers.
  • Failure to protect personal and financial information.
  • A lack of trustworthiness
  • Fraudulent behaviour.
Our standars

Make sure you avoid the untrustworthy betting sites that hold ratings of D- and F and use SBR to find a safe, reliable online sports betting operator. We have signed up for accounts at all of these betting sites, made a deposit, placed bets, tested the withdrawal speeds each operator provides, checked to see if the bonus is awarded correctly and spent hours navigating the website to ensure it runs smoothly across a range of devices. If you’re looking for an online betting site to join today, we’re confident that the ones we have assigned an A+ or A rating will impress you.

Betting Sites FAQs

What are the best online betting sites?

The best online betting sites have a long history of delivering superb customer service and paying bettors out in full and on time. You can use our industry leading ratings guide to identify the betting sites that have secured A+ and A ratings, such as Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel, theScore Bet, Circa Sports, and Tipico. These sites are all safe, legit and trustworthy, and they also offer great odds, tempting bonuses and broad coverage of the sporting world.

What online betting sites have the best odds?

You can use our betting odds section to quickly find which betting sites offer the best odds on hundreds of big games each week. Betting sites with reduced juice pricing models, such as SBK in Colorado, generally offer the best odds on sides and totals. You can also find great moneyline, futures and prop betting odds in sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Caesars.

Which Betting Site has the highest Payout?

All betting sites take a house edge, which is known as juice. A sportsbook that takes standard juice will typically offer -110 lines on sides and totals. That means you would receive a $100 profit by successfully betting $110 on a team to cover the spread. Reduced juice betting sites can offer -108 or even -105 lines on sides and totals. If you find -105 odds, known as nickel lines, you only need to wager $105 in order to potentially make a $100 profit. SBK in Colorado is known for its reduced juice pricing model, so that is a great choice for anyone seeking the betting site with the highest payout.

How do you get your money from Online Betting?

Head over to the “Cashier�? section of your online betting site and click “Withdraw.�? Choose your preferred method, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click to confirm the transaction. The withdrawal time varies according to the sportsbook and the method you choose. Each site also sets minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, so make sure you check what they are before requesting a payout. 

What Sports can I Bet on?

You can bet on a huge range of sports by visiting the best online betting sites. NFL, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, MMA, tennis and golf are generally covered in great detail at the top online sportsbooks. Most sites also provide odds on rugby union, rugby league, cricket, horse racing, greyhounds, Formula 1, NASCAR, darts, snooker, pool, table tennis, volleyball and cycling. You can also bet on more niche sports, such as chess, bandy, surfing, futsal, floorball and handball, plus entertainment, politics, esports and virtual sports.

Are Betting Apps Safe?

That really depends on the app you choose. Some sports betting apps are perfectly safe and secure. They are operated by licensed, legitimate operators, and encrypted using the latest SSL software in order to protect your personal and financial details. However, some betting apps are unsafe, as there are always scam artists and shady operators trying to lure you in. You must therefore stick to the legit sportsbooks that receive strong ratings in our market leading online betting site review guide.