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The online betting market in India can be a little complicated for new bettors who are trying to figure out whether sports betting in India is legal. This is because different states have different policies and there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the best online betting sites in India.

Our team at BettingGuru have done the research and made it simple for our readers to find the best online betting websites in India. Keep reading to learn more about betting legislation in India, which are the top betting websites for Indian players and how you can improve your odds of winning.

If you are actually simply seeking one wagering site that is actually safe, trustworthy and also has a little bit of every thing, after that our experts possess the best selection for you. Check it out below! Our experts have actually handpicked Top 10 Betting sites for you.

You should never sign up for an account with an online sports betting operator before checking its rating at SBR. Thousands of sports bettors have been lured in by disreputable betting sites over the years, and it has cost them dearly. We aim to prevent you from falling into the same trap.

Sports betting websites rated F should be avoided at all costs. They have been placed on our blacklist for failing to pay customers the money they are entitled to. If you sign up for an account with these sites, you are taking a huge risk. You could find that payments are delayed or withheld for spurious reasons, or that your funds are inexplicably seized. You really should stick to the best sports betting sites – those with at least a B+ rating in this guide. They excel in various criteria, such as prompt payments, attractive bonuses, high-quality odds, helpful customer service, and a strong user experience. Our methodology is detailed further down this guide to the best online sports betting websites.

However, in some instances, you may decide you want to sign up for a site that has a B, B- or even a C+ rating. It may be currently offering a really appealing bonus, or it may cover a niche sport that is not featured at the A+ and A-rated sites. If that is the case, you can read our in-depth reviews to find out more about the pros and cons of each site. If you read a review for one of the best online betting sites, you will receive a detailed explanation as to why it is so highly rated. If you read a review of a sportsbook with a B or a C rating, you will notice that it has some strong points, but also some drawbacks. You can essentially arm yourself with all the necessary information and then make an educated decision about whether you want to sign up for an account with that particular operator.

We would always recommend you stick to the top sports betting sites as they have a long history of treating customers fairly, offering great value, and paying out on time, but this is a fast-moving industry, and some betting sites improve over the years.

For that reason, we regularly review and update this page to ensure you benefit from up-to-the-minute information on all listed betting sites.

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Home or Away?

There’s a reason why cricket has something known as a ‘home advantage’. The ‘home’ team is the side that hosts the other team. So, it is no surprise that the ‘home’ team would know the stadiums like the back of their hand, and understand better how a pitch would hold up throughout a game and weather conditions. One shouldn’t undermine the role that crowd support plays as well. Spectators will usually rally behind the ‘home’ team and infuse confidence when the chips are down. In places like Australia and India, passionate home crowds can even get a little hostile, leading to an unnerving experience for the rival camp. The final takeaway? If you want to bet on cricket, consider where the match is being contested. While many teams manage to remain unfazed by all the jeers coming from the spectators, it can still unsettle the best of sides on a given day.

Our Standards

Modern life is busy enough without having to trawl through hundreds of betting sites to find the perfect one, so we have done your homework for you, allowing you to focus on the important business of picking winners and having fun. We maintain really high standards when it comes to monitoring the various online sports betting sites battling for your business, allowing you to rapidly separate the great online betting websites from the time wasters, the scam artists and the shady online betting sites. We have conducted an in-depth review of more than 1,000 online betting sites and we have placed bets at them all. Only an elite minority have been deemed worthy of a place in SBR‘s list of the top sports betting sites. There are many issues that cause a website to fail to make the cut:

  • A poor history of paying customers.
  • Failure to protect personal and financial information.
  • A lack of trustworthiness
  • Fraudulent behaviour.
Our standars

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

We hope this guide helps if you want to bet on any of the upcoming cricket matches. That said, know that even if you pick one of the best cricket betting sites, that will, in all probability, not be your one-stop solution for all cricket betting needs. So, the trick here is to bide some time, explore, and then choose an online cricket betting site.

We hope that by now you have clarity on the best cricket betting sites out there. Remember, if you wish to bet on cricket (or any other sport for that matter), it always pays to have plenty of online cricket betting sites at your disposal. That way, you can shop around for the best odds before placing your cricket bets. We hope this guide helps if you want to bet on any of the upcoming cricket matches. That said, know that even if you pick one of the best cricket betting sites, that will, in all probability, not be your one-stop solution for all cricket betting needs. So, the trick here is to bide some time, explore, and then choose an online cricket betting site. To round up, please bet responsibly. While it is easy getting overboard when you start winning, recovering what you lose isn’t. Learn to manage your bankroll, because that’s what lies at the core of online cricket betting and sports betting in general.

Of the four bookies, Bet9ja, 1xBet and Betway all offer a welcome bonus equivalent to a customer’s first deposit. For Bet9ja this can be up to NGN 100,000, for 1xBet sports betting up to NGN 50,000 (and additional NGN 50,000 for 1xGames), while for Betway it can be up to NGN 100,000. Melbet, however, offers a 200% welcome bonus up to NGN 130,00 by using out EXCLUSIVE bonus code ml_110049. And All these bookies offer local payment methods such as Paystack, Quickteller and direct bank transfers, except for Cloudbet, which is a strictly crypto-based bookie. Overall, betting in Nigeria has been growing in leaps and bounds, and it is expected that this will continue to grow over the coming years as internet penetration continues to rise and mobile banking reaches more Nigerians.